Adaptive Way Programme: Entry Level [1/3]

Your personal growth gym.

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Do you want to develop yourself to achieve your goals, both professional and personal?

We have participants just like you who have achieved their goals and gained confidence by developing their mental and social-emotional muscles.

Work through this online training then sign up to our one on one or group coaching sessions, customizable to what you want to work on. Your personal development gym is a safe and supportive environment.

Introduction to Level 1: Yellow Belt

This level is where you start, if you have goals to achieve, problems to solve, or want to change yourself. In this workshop series you will learn to identify inner barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals and become effective in tackling internal and external challenges under stress.

Graham has worked across 7 countries and was previously a manager with P&G in Belgium and China. Since then he has been a serial entrepreneur, leading startups and small growing businesses with the aim to build their human capacity in addressing global challenges.As Founder and CEO of Evolutesix, Graham is driven help individuals and organisations flourish by supporting them to do more with less friction.


Since 2014, Marko has been guiding professionals and businesses in their transformational journey in becoming more resilient and self-aware in times of adversaries. As an active contributor at multiple international leadership communities across Germany , Marko's facilitation methods are focused on awareness creation and achieving success through sustainable behaviour change.


“This is a genius programme and I am thrilled you have created it!”

CAROLINE RENNIE, Former Director Communications, Tetra Pak International


“Evolutesix makes the complex simple. They deliver immediate impact by removing obstacles to improve performance.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Your journey with us is about working through your technical and adaptive challenges. The online training videos provide the latest tools and methodologies that address your everyday challenges like conflict, feedback processes, nonviolent communication etc. Parallel to the teachings, our live workshop sessions are your personal gym to use the tools to work out the challenges you are facing. Every week we host online sessions. For every 3 participants, we have a trained professional to guide you through applying the tools in your development gym.
How much does it cost?
Our tools and growth gym sessions are accessible to individuals from all backgrounds, and not just the 10% that can afford executive level coaching to work through their challenges. Like a gym, we offer a monthly membership plan for your goal-focussed workouts. (You can cancel whenever you want.) This month all our course material is FREE. For the complete experience with your personal development : Individuals (Open): €265/month ; Middle Managers (closed, with peers): €380/month ; CEO and Leaders (closed, with peers and an experienced facilitator): €1000/month.
What to do if I'm interested?
Sign up on this page to start your journey. Once you are approved on the platform, you will have free access to explore the course material, and one of our programme leaders will contact you to know more about your personal growth goals.
What if I'm unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Evolutesix is an organisational strategy and design consultancy that exists to support individuals, teams and entire organizations to thrive in a world of rapidly increasing complexity and change. Our range of programmes and business services are aimed at increasing people’s ability to make sense of the world, collaborate more effectively together and overcome any individual or collective ‘immunity to change'

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